Monday, 4 March 2013

Rimmel Lasting Finish Matte by Kate Moss Lipstick

Another review from my haul the other day - Rimmel Lasting Finish Matte by Kate Moss Lipstick.
I was excited to try this line of lipsticks, as I'm a pretty big fan of the Rimmel lipsticks overall. This first thing I noticed was that the range was quite small (5 shades) which was slightly disappointing, but there is quite a bit of variation in the colours - a pale pink, a ruby/plum red, a nude, a peachy tangerine, and a bright red. I decided to try the red 111 'Kiss of Life'. In hindsight, I think this red is a bit too orange for me - I definitely need more of a blue-red. On application, the lipstick goes on very smoothly and the formula is very creamy. Being a matte lipstick, I wouldn't say it was moisturising, but it definitely didn't dry out or turn chalky. On another good note, it is extremely pigmented which can be a rare find in a drugstore lipstick, however it's staying power was nothing special and had a lot of transfer. 

I've heard a few people comment that they don't like the fragrance. I honestly didn't even notice that much of a scent, so I didn't really have that issue!

The lipstick was fairly priced too at $11.95. At that price I'm willing to overlook it's longevity issues!

I'd love to hear your opinion on this lipstick - have you tried any of the other colours? Leave a comment below :)

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