Friday, 2 August 2013

Favourite Highstreet/Drugstore Brand

I recently stumbled across a post by Ellis Rose on her favourite High-street brand and decided to give it a go too. Side note: we don't really use the term 'high-street' or 'drugstore' in Australia so I'm just going to go for 'non high-end brand'. Catchy. Doing this tag has made me realise just how much Rimmel I own! I own more Rimmel than I do any other brand, probably because Rimmel is still quite affordable even by Australian standards, yet the quality is quite consistant. As always, some lines are weaker than others, but overall Rimmel ticks most of my boxes.

1. What's your favourite brand from the drugstore/high street and why?
At the moment, it' definitely Rimmel. They have definitely stepped up their game over the past few years after some really shocking products tainted the line a few years ago. Revlon comes a really close second!

2. Can you remember the first ever product from the brand you purchased? 
It was the 100% Waterproof Mascara- it's actually one of their not-so-great products. I think I bought it because I was quite young and just starting to get into makeup, I was horribly allergic to Maybelline mascaras and Revlon was way out of my price range.

3. What products do you own from the brand? Current/discontinued? Picture?

4. What is your favourite/most used and least favourite/most neglected?
At the moment my most used would be the Match Perfection foundation and the Scandaleyes waterproof liner. I really like all the Rimmel stuff I own, so choosing a favourite is hard! I'm just going to go with the Match Perfection foundation because of the amount of use it gets. My most neglected was the Glameyes liquid liner, although I've recently rediscovered this and am now using it all the time.

5. Would you trade all your favourite high end brand products for the drugstore brand products? 
I don't think I would to be honest. Rimmel still has flaws  - the mascara and blush ranges aren't super amazing... in fact I really hate the mascaras! So I think I'd need to keep my current mascaras and blushes.

6. What is on your current wishlist from the brand?
All of the Acpocalips ever. And a Wake Me Up foundation that matches my skin tone properly - I wish that line had the same shade range as the Match Perfection.

7. What do you think the brand is missing from their line?
A good mascara. Honestly, the mascara range really lets Rimmel down at the moment. They need to lift their game in that area to stay in line with their other products. They also need blushers that come with more product - they are so small, some of the mono-eyeshadows are bigger than the blushers! Better packaging for all the powders and bronzers.

8. What staples would you recommend to someone who has never tried your favourite brand?
Foundation: Rimmel Match Perfection
Powder: Rimmel Stay Matte
Concealer: Wake Me Up concealer
Eyeliner: Scandaleyes Waterproof Liner
Lips: All of them. Especially Apocalips and the Kate Moss Matte line

What's your favourite non high-end brand?

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  1. I don't have that much Rimmel but I have started buy Rimmel more. Love the apocalips- I might have to try out their foundations! Great post!

  2. I'm a big fan of Rimmel as well and I agree with the Wake Me Up Foundation shade range. I have Ivory and its still a bit dark on me so I really have to buff it in. I also love the Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajals and the Stay Matte Powder, they're my essentials!

  3. I love L'oreal's mascaras! I think they hold up to alot of the high end brands!

    Great post!



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