Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer

Continuing with my recent Rimmel obsession, the much-hyped Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer has finally reached Australian shores. It has been available on ASOS for quite some time, however I sometimes have a bit of trouble with even the lightest shades of Rimmel foundations and concealers being far too dark for me, so I wanted to wait and test it out in person.

The closest match for me is the lightest Ivory, which surprisingly (and despite the limited shade selection) is a pretty decent shade for my skin tone. 
Being an illuminating concealer, it is perfect for use under the eye, though not so great at covering blemishes. Although, I have also used this to bring down the redness in my cheeks when I want to use a lighter coverage foundation by blending a bit in before applying. In saying that, it does have pretty decent medium coverage and does a really good job of covering dark circles and banishing that 'I literally just got out of bed' look. It goes a long way in helping brightening the under-eye area. 

The only downside to the Wake Me Up is the shade selection. The range is quite limited, and there isn't a huge amount of variation between the different shades. If you are a pale or tan to dark skinned beauty, this range won't be for you. Here's hoping that Rimmel will expand the shade selection!
The packaging is practical - small enough to take with you, and features a doe-foot applicator.

This concealer has actually made it into my everyday make-up routine already, replacing my Clinique Airbrush concealer. The Clinique is quite similar, though I tend to favour the higher coverage of the Wake Me Up.

Overall, I think the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer is an excellent budget-friendly choice if you're looking for an illuminating concealer for the under-eye area. Definitely recommended!

Available from Priceline, and ASOS!

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  1. This is my favorite concealer! I have no problem covering up blemishes with it - but then my foundation does a lot of the work prior to concealer application too.

  2. I really want to try this but the palest shade is still too dark for me :(

    - Rhi | Beauty Bucket List

  3. How exciting! I didn't realise this was available in Australia now :) Great review xx


  4. I've been after a cheap concealer for a while now, and this sounds great!
    BRB, off to priceline ~

    Beauty Challenged

  5. I love the Wake Me Up Foundation so its great to hear that the concealer is great for under the eyes. I've seen it on ASOS but still havent at my local priceline!

  6. I've been curious about the Clinique concealer so it's good to hear the Rimmel is similar but higher coverage! I find it really hard to get colour matched to Rimmel's foundations and concealers though - I tried the Wake Me Up foundation but the shade I bought was wayyyy too dark :(


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